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Year Description of Project RPE Commission
2005 and 2006 Son La Dam on the Da River on Northern Vietnam.
4.6 million cubic metres of RCC and 800metres crest length and 140 metres high. Contains a 2400MW power station – An ongoing assignment at various stages throughout 2005. The dam is using the high paste RCC techniques with grout enriched RCC – GERCC.
Client: for Son La is EVN and the lead consultant is PECC1 both of Vietnam.
Engaged by Colenco of Switzerland to participate in the investigation, methodology and costing of a Roller Compacted Concrete design for the project.
2005 Qualiana RCC Dam in Fiji.
Engagement by a contractor to prepare costings and construction advice for Qualiana Dam which was proposed to be a part of the Nadarivatu Hydropower Project in Fiji. The project concept contained a Roller Compacted Concrete dam as well as tunnels and power stations. The dam is intended to use the high paste RCC technique with grout enriched RCC – GERCC.
Engagement by a contractor to prepare costings and construction advice.
2005 Dong Nai 3 & 4 dams in Vietnam.
Dong Nai 3 is around 570metres in length and 105m high while dong Nai 4 is around 560 metres in length and 130 metres high. An ongoing assignment at various stages throughout 2005 and 2006. Both these dams contain between 1.1 and 1.3 million cubic metres of RCC. Ultimate client for the Dong Nai Dams is EVN and the lead consultant is PECC 2.
Engaged by Colenco of Switzerland to participate in the investigation, methodology and costing of a Roller Compacted Concrete designs for the projects.
  2005 Shrinagar Hydro Power project in India.
280,000m3 of RCC and 330 MW hydropower. The dam is intended to use the high paste RCC technique with grout enriched RCC – GERCC.
Engaged by Leighton /Afcons consortium to provide methodology and tender assistance.
2005 Pouembout Dam.
This medium size dam contained some 112,000 cubic metres of RCC. Submission included an alternative using grout enriched RCC techniques and gallery construction using excavation techniques.
Engaged by Barclay Mowlem for the preparation of tender for mine process water retention in New Caledonia.
2005 North Para River Flood Control Dam on the North Para River near Gawler in South Australia.
Design of this high paste RCC dam and RCC mix design and materials review have all been completed. The dam will go to tender in the near future. The dam contains some 40,000 cubic metres of high paste RCC and has a crest length of 200 metres and a height of 32 metres.
Client: The designers, URS Australia for the Gawler Floodplain Management Authority
Rob Parker Engineering has been engaged by URS to assist with a number of aspects dealing with roller compacted concrete for the project including mix design and materials selection, specification and methodology.

Eldsvold Weir

2003 Eidsvold Weir - Upstream of the Burnett River Dam near the township of Eidsvold, Queensland.
From and RCC perspective the project was unusual in using a smooth downstream face constructed of compacted RCC using a process developed by the Contractor and Rob Parker Engineering. This smooth finish was required to assist with fish migration over the weir wall. This technique proved that the installation of steps no longer needs to be critical to RCC placement in any dam and does not need to restrict rates of placement RCC. Many dams will however still require steps for other reasons such as energy dissipation in the spillway zone. The upstream face and foundation contact zones used grout enriched RCC – GERCC.
Height 12 m with 150 m crest length. RCC embankment incorporates a fish lift. Design and construction by Abigroup for Burnett Water.
Worked on RCC method statement and trial RCC mixes. Assistance with tender preparations and with materials and plant selection and method statements. Made recommendations as to the RCC joint treatment, facing, and interface with foundations.
2004 Meander Dam, on Meander River in northern Tasmania.
Approximately 50 metres high to abutments and 180 metres in length this dam will provide enhanced facilities for irrigators in the area and a mini hydro power facility. Project value TBA.
Client: John Holland/Shaw Contracting Joint Venture
Assisting on RCC methodology and programming
2003 Burnett Dam on the Burnett River, Queensland.
RCC/Zoned earth-fill dam. Project will contain approx. 350,000 cu/m of RCC with a zoned earth embankment of a further 400,000 cu/m. The dam has been designed to take PMF in excess of 100,000 cumsecs. Structures include a fish lift and gated outlet structure. Total project value $200 million.
Provision of specialist advice on Roller Compacted Concrete and design co-ordination to an alliance of Thiess, URS & Maunsell for the Burnett River Water Authority.
  2002 Samson Brook Dam, Western Australia
Water supply dam for the West Australian Water Authority. Crest length 187 m, height 21 m and volume 14,000 m3 of RCC.
Commissioned by: Works Infrastructure Division of Downer EDI.
Assist with the preparation of the alternative RCC tender to the conventional concrete gravity dam.
2001 Olivenhain Dam, USA
This dam now holds the world record for monthly placement rates of RCC at in excess of 50,000 m3 per month.
Client: Keiwit Pacific Company.
Provision of advice on the technical aspects of RCC techniques in relation to the planning and formwork design.
  2000 Harvey Dam, Western Australia
A composite 800 m crest length RCC/ earth embankment dam on a variable foundation consisting of granite/conglomerate. Wall height approx 40 m, value approx $A 50m.
Client: Thiess Contractors.
Tendering and concept design.
1998 Toker Dam, Eritrea
90 metre high dam being constructed for the Eritrean Ministry of Construction and intended to provide water for the capital city Asmara. Value $US44 m.
Commissioned by: N.R.C.E.
Provision of expert construction advice and recruitment of Australian construction personnel for service on the project.
1997 Balambano Dam, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Hydropower dam to service the Inco nickel smelter in Sulawesi, this dam was a joint venture between Astaldi SpA of Italy and Thiess Contractors. With a height of 95 m it contains 528000 m3 of RCC.
Commissioned by: Thiess Contractors.
Site Assessment and assistance with tender preparation.
1996/8 Cadiangullong Dam, New South Wales, Australia
Crest length 360 m, height 42 m and wall volume of 120,000 cubic m. Final construction cost $A23 m.
Commissioned by: Barclay Mowlem Construction.
Prepared the tender, provided Project Management and technical direction.
  1998 Coombing Creek Falls Dam, New South Wales, Australia
$A30 m water supply dam of 400 m in length and 45 m in height.
Commissioned by: Central Tablelands Water.
Carried out feasibility study on RCC dam including geotechnical, foundation and quarry investigation.
1995/6 Perry River Weir, Queensland, Australia
Located on the Perry River for Placer’s proposed Mt. Rawdon gold mine, this weir has a crest length of 105 m and an overall height of 12 m. It contains 8300 m3 of RCC with a stepped upstream face containing 500 m3 of conventional concrete.
Commissioned by: Clough Engineering.
Provision of construction advice and direction.
1994 Lower Molonglo Dam, A.C.T., Australia
This $A5.4 m project for A.C.T. Electricity & Water consists of 22,000 cubic metres of RCC and conventional concrete. Constructed in 9 months.
Commissioned by: Fletcher-White Joint Venture.
Project Management .
1992 Burton Gorge Dam, North Goonyella, Queensland, Australia
Built on the Issac River it has a crest length of 285 m, height of 26 m and an RCC volume of 64,000. It has a low cementitious content of 85kg/m3 and upstream facing of precast concrete and welded HDPE lining.
Commissioned by: White Mining.
Management of night shift on the placement of RCC.


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